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Peace seems so fleeting these days.
In a world riddled with conflict, both within political and demographic divides and in actual human military conflict, peace feels so distant.

But Christ says “my peace I leave with you”.

As we consider peace this month, and all the different parts of life that can feel like they have bearing over our peace, let us remember that our peace is only truly informed by one factor: Christ alone.

I pray you find ways for your day to day life to feel more peaceful. I pray discernment over your mental health. I pray wisdom over difficult situations that you must navigate. 

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Intentions is a monthly download of spiritual growth resources written and curated with your overseas life in mind. Each month will have a theme, or intention, if you will: a spiritual growth aspect we are learning about and working towards together. The rest of the resources will center around that theme.

What kind of resources, you ask? 

Each month will be slightly different according to the intention, but each pack WILL contain:

  • A memory verse
  • Additional Scriptures to write or Bible journal
  • Journaling prompts about living overseas & this intention
  • Breath prayers
  • A book of the month, plus other suggested reading.
  • A liturgy
  • Printable scripture art of our memory verse
  • Lockscreens and desktop wallpapers of the memory verse


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