Supporting our mental health can sometimes call for professional counseling, which we highly recommend! While these services aren’t always easily available in our host countries, thankfully there are a number of great online/Zoom services that can meet this need for us.

The Rest Initiative

More a database/collective than an independent service, TRI is a group of counselors and member care professionals coming together to bridge the gap for expats who need their services. They can connect you with virtual support or in-person services, and also handle member care for larger organizations who don’t have their own member care department. We used a TRI counselor for some intensive therapy sessions and were incredibly pleased. 

A Life Overseas Database

ALO has a comprehensive list of different counselors and services available for expats. We only share resources we/our community have personal experience with, so this would be a great place to look if you don’t find what you’re looking for here on TCT. 

Better Help

A very popular online database for virtual therapy. This isn’t necessarily faith-based and certainly not specifically geared towards overseas workers, but is affordable and provides you with a responsive counselor for a monthly fee.

Thrive Ministries

Thrive offers Mentoring, Certified Life Coaching, and Certified Spiritual Directors services to North American women living outside of their passport cultures. Preference is given to past conference attendees, though not exclusively. 

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