Encouragement as you cultivate home in the spaces between nations.


We tell the stories...

…even the painful ones, so you don’t feel crazy or alone. We provide community, outside voices, and new perspectives to help you see your own lives more clearly. We tell the stories of redemption, healing, and growth to give you hope as you journey through difficult seasons.

We encourage you...

…to turn your hearts to Christ and help you choose HIM and remember His promises, rather than live in the narrative that He has forgotten you or doesn’t see you in your suffering. We design community experiences that help you choose Him and turn your eyes to Him together, wherever you are in the world.

We support you...

…to help you process and order your new lives, find solutions that bring you peace and health, and move forward to a place of “thriving”, however that is defined for you in your community. We’ve curated a directory of existing resources that others have created to support this community, too. It is our vision to step into the gap of member care often left by organizations, and to provide resources for families who move to the field with little support structure.

Third Culture Thriving Podcast

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