Retreats and conferences, whether in-person or online, can be an incredible lifeline as you create your home overseas. The community, encouragement, accountability, and wisdom you can gain is worth folding these into your yearly rhythms. 

Here are some that are loved by our community:



Azmera provides all-inclusive retreats at various restful global locations, a few times each year. The cost is kept low by donors, and there are scholarships available. Events include worship and teaching, as well as fun excursions and spa/health activities.

Thrive Ministries

Thrive puts on a large conference each year, with speakers from all over the world on a range of topics, from the practical (healthy living) to the spiritually important (stress and burnout). They also offer attendees one-on-one appointments with spiritual directors, health coaches, counselors, and doctors. 

Families in Global Transition

FIGT is an incredible database of resources for expat families of all walks, whether government/NGO or missionary. They have a global summit each year, typically held in person, though 2021’s was all online. 


Velves Ashes

VA curates a number of online retreats each year, from solo downloadable retreats, to beautifully produced video retreats done in community over a certain weekend. The cost is low, and they offer a “year pass” ($60) that makes it even more affordable. The time commitment is also flexible on many, which makes them more accessible too many schedules. 

Thrive Ministries

Thrive also offers digital retreats and workshops, similar to their In-person ones mentioned above. 

Global Trellis

GT offers a number of online workshops at affordable prices. They also have a Sabbatical course, designed specifically to companion you through your sabbatical time back in your passport country. This course opens a few times a year. GT also collaborates with Velvet Ashes to offer low-cost seminars to expat women. 

Families in Global Transition

FIGT offers various workshops, Facebook groups, and networking opportunities via their membership site. Some workshops are available a la carte. 

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