Spiritual growth away from your passport country can be a very tricky thing, especially if your host country doesn’t share your heart language or your faith! 

The following are resources we’ve found to be supportive and encouraging as we’ve worked to grow in faith, wherever we are in the world. For more encouragement here, check out Episode 26: Resources for Spiritual Growth, Wherever You Are. 

She Reads Truth

Well known as a database of Bible Studies and reading plans, SRT is unique in that all of their studies and plans are available via their app for just a few dollars a piece (and some are free). Thy also offer a monthly subscription ($1.99) that allows you access to all of their plans. They also offer corresponding study books (and even matching sets for men and children) but the studies can be done just as well via the app.

Dwell Differently

A fun new company offering creative content to help you memorize scripture. Things like art prints, lock screens, and temporary tattoos! This is typically a monthly subscription service, so reliable mail or patience is required. 

VA Connection Groups and Book Club

Velvet Ashes facilitates Connection Groups a few times a year, which pair expats from around the world together into small groups that meet for a few months at a a time. This can be a beautiful way to find spiritual community and accountability, especially if you lack that in your placement. VA also curates a book club each year, featuring title relevant to their faithful expat’s life (some fiction, some nonfiction). 

Thrive Ministries Alongside

Alongside is a program that connects women serving overseas with life coaches, spiritual directors, and mentors (all certified when applicable). Preference is given to past conference attendees, and there are wait lists for these great services! 

Well Watered Women

Another online database of bible study and payer resources. Not necessarily geared towards expat women, but loved by many in our community.

IF: Gathering and Resources

IF: Gathering is a popular women’s conference held each year in Texas, though available digitally and often at a very low cost if you are serving overseas. They also offer Bible studies and small group resources (IF: Table) that are downloadable, and can be great for facilitating community in your host country. 

Little Way Chapel

A blog and online resource center for faithful families. LWC offers downloadable resources around the church year: think Lent and Advent guides, Holy Week resources, and saint day coloring pages. Everything is online and printable and very low cost, which is great for us! 

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