There are a number of wonderful ministries and organizations providing training, support, and care for our community. Here’s just a sampling of “our friends” around the world, all of which offer high quality content and resources for those living abroad.

Velvet Ashes: a website and Instagram page for faithful women. Featuring downloadable retreats, online small groups (called Connection Groups), book clubs, and weekly themed blogs and collaborative social content. 

Taking Route: A great collaborative blog and super fun podcast! These ladies tell it like it is, and it’s so refreshing. TR also has fun expat-themed items for sale, and they have a fantastic language learning notebook (downloadable). I love following their “This Global Home” series each year. 

The Traveling Academy: A TCK offshoot of TR, The Traveling Academy is a collaborative Instagram space where women from around the world share their journeys with school in another country. They have a popular “day in the life” series on IG stories. 

A Life Overseas: one of the OG blogs for Christian expats. Their blog archives are expansive and categorized really well. Everything from burnout to pre-field prep to parenthood to travel. They’ve also published several books (you can find them in our Suggested Reading section).

Global Trellis: workshops, challenges, courses, and articles for “Great Commission Cross-Cultural Workers.’ These cover everything from skill set development (counseling, debriefing, and mental health) to spiritual direction and encouragement.

Families in Global Transition: a comprehensive network of resources and professionals for families in any type of global transition. Not necessarily faith-based, but very informative and research-based. 

Missio Nexus: A website and newsletter full of research and studies surrounding missions and effectiveness and strategies of ministry. They also hold a global conference each year (2021 offers a virtual pass option as well as in-person attendance in Dallas).

Brigada: a collection of web and email-based resources, from mission trends to motivation to “hacks” for overseas life. Curated by Team Expansion, but includes collected resources from all over. Sent in a weekly email digest, or available on their website. 

Sundae Bean (Expat Happy Hour, Expats on Fire): Sundae is a dynamic creator who is passionate about expats thriving in their new countries (and transitions). She hosts a popular podcast (Expat Happy Hour) as well as various Facebook groups and even a paid membership/mentoring site. 

Thrive Ministries: An organization offering weekly themed devotions, conferences and retreats (both stateside and global), and various member care services (see the “Spiritual Growth” Resources page.)

Expat Parenting Abroad: A website and IG page full of resources for parents raising children abroad. Not a faith-based resource, but still really helpful for more practical tips and perspectives. 

Godspeed Resources Connection: Puts on workshops and creates content to provide global workers with counseling and skills needed to cultivate longevity and wellness. 

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