2023 Lent Guide


DECEMBER: Generosity

To end the year, a principle that in theory should be easy for us overseas kingdom workers- but in practice can be challenging in so many ways.

Generosity can be thwarted by a number of things: jadedness, a scarcity mindset, even good intentions to not do more harm. But Christ calls us to be cheerful givers, freely bestowing what He gives us.

What can this look like?

I believe when we ask Christ to show us, He is faithful to lead us to spirit-filled generosity that he calls “good.” And we can let Him worry about the rest!

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We’ve adapted the original 30 Days of Prayer and Learning into a 2023 Lenten guide, including daily prayers for your host country, journaling prompts, sabbath practices, and opportunities to write your own prayers for your host country. Each day, we’ll pray together for a facet of your host country or a relevant topic: for example, for the government, for the lonely, for single mothers. There are also questions to help you dive deeper into this topic with further research into what that looks like where you are serving. What resources are there for single mothers? What is the government really like, and how does it function within the region, or globally? You’ll also have the opportunity to partner with local friends who can add depth and dimension to your understanding. You can follow along each day in our free Lent PDF guidebook.


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